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  • Audio Mixer Compact Galaxy Mixer JIB/MM

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    Galaxy Audio Multi Mixer                                       JIB/MM

    • +24V Phantom Power
    • 7 Input/4 Channel
    • Headphone Output with Volume
    • Multiple Outputs
    • Metal Construction
    • Portable - Runs off of 2 AA Batteries*
    • High Gain/ Wide Dynamic Range

    The Multi Mixer (JIB/MM) is a great tool for live sound, home recording, field recording, audio/video, and many others. This unit features 4 inputs; Chan 1&2: XLR/1/4" combo w/-20dB pad, Chan 3: Stereo RCA and Stereo 1/8" mini (3.5mm), Chan 4: Stereo RCA. Each channel has its own volume control.

    The MM also features numerous outputs; XLR, 1/4", stereo RCA, and a stereo headphone output with a volume control. The “Mic/Line switch” located between the XLR and 1/4" Balanced Mono Outputs allows for selecting either a “Mic Level” Balanced Mono Output or a “Line Level” Balanced Mono Output.

    The MM will run off of 2AA batteries for about 15 hours or an optional DC power supply (JIB/US4.5-14). The MM will supply +24V phantom power to microphones.

    The MM is great for:

    • Adding inputs to an existing mixer by creating a sub-mix of two or more sources before sending the signals to the main mixer or powered speaker.
    • Serving as a sophisticated cable adapter that not only adapts the connector type but also provides the correct impedance with adjustable level control.
    • Serving as the main mixer for solo or duo acts as well as AV presentations.
    • As a mixer for rehearsals when its impractical to set up the entire PA.
    • Interfacing pro audio gear with consumer audio gear.
    • Battery operation allows remote location use where AC power is unavailable.
    • As an emergency back-up mixer to have along just in case.

    Great for Use in Churches, Schools, and Bands.




    CH 1 & 2
    Mic Inputs:
    - Input Type: XLR
    - Input Impedance: 4k (2k with pad)
    - Input Sensitivity: Minimum : 3mV RMS (-51dBV) (Without Pad) - Nominal: 22mV RMS (-33dBV)
    - Max Input Level: Pad Off: 649mV RMS (-3.8dBV) Pad On: 6.5V RMS (16.3dBV)
    - Pad: -20dB
    - Phantom Power: +24V

    Line Inputs:
    - Input Type: 1/4" TRS
    - Input Impedance: 10k
    - Input Sensitivity: Minimum: 14mV RMS (-37.2dBV) Nominal: 112mV RMS (-19dBV)
    - Max Input Level: 3.2V RMS (10dBV)

    CH 3
    - Input Type: Left/Right RCA, 1/8" TRS
    - Input Impedance: 15k Min
    - Input Sensitivity: Minimum: 159mV RMS (-16dBV) Nominal: 495mV RMS (-6.1dBV)
    - Max Input level: 15.8V RMS (+24dBV)

    CH 4
    - Input Type: Left/Right RCA
    - Input Impedance: 15k Min
    - Input Sensitivity: Minimum: 159mV RMS (-16dBV) Nominal: 495mV RMS (-6.1dBV)
    - Max Input level: 15.8V RMS (+24dBV)

    Main RCA Outputs
    - Nominal Output Level: 1V RMS (0dBV)
    - Maximum Output: 2.9V RMS (9.2dBV)

    Mono Outputs
    - Nominal Line Level Output: 1V RMS (0dBV)
    - Maximum Line Level Output: 2.9V RMS (9.2dBV)

    - Nominal Mic Level Output: 32mV RMS (-30dBV)
    - Maximum Mic Level Output: 99mV RMS (-20.8dBV)

    Headphone Outputs
    - Power Output: 30mW Stereo @ 32 Ohm

    - THD: 0.01% (22Hz – 22KHz @ Nominal Volume)

    - S/N: >80dB

    - Batteries: 2 x AA (Alkaline)
    - Typical battery Life: About 15 Hours
    - DC In Requirements: 4.5VDC (regulated), 500mA minimum.
    - Barrel plug: 4mm O.D. and 1.74mm I.D., center positive.

    Dimensions: 7.2" x 4" x 2.1" (L x W x H) (182.4 x 102.3 x 53 mm)

    Weight: 2.3 lbs (1.03 kg)

    Compatible Galaxy Audio AC Adapter: JIB/UA4.5-14